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Program Information:

The Auxiliary's Americanism program promotes patriotism and responsible citizenship and strives to uphold and promote American ideals and the principles of democracy.  The goal of the Auxiliary's Americanism program is to educate every citizen on the fundamentals of American government, the Bill of Rights and the value of active, informed involvement in the home, in the Auxiliary organization and in the community.  Most successful Americanism programs are cooperative efforts between an Auxiliary Unit and its community.  Contributions donated to the Spirit of Youth Foundation by individuals, organizations and members' estates benefit young people through such programs as the Americanism Youth Conference at Freedom's Foundation and the National President's Scholarship program.      

Respect is both earned and learned.  The fundamental value of the American Legion Auxiliary is showing respect for our country and our nation's flag.  The Auxiliary creates opportunities for Americans to do both.  We share practical things everyone can do to better live as grateful, patriotic citizens.  The Auxiliary provides learning opportunities and instructional resources for important things every good citizen should know such as learning about the Constitution, flying the flag on patriotic holidays, folding pocket flags to send to our troops overseas, and presenting flags to local schools and businesses.

See  www.alaforveterans.org/Programs/Americanism for more details.


Purpose Statement:

To promote patriotism and responsible citizenship.


Committee Deadlines:

This Chairman asks that you please submit a narrative report form both Mid-Year and End-Year Reports. The deadlines for the reports are below.

>Mid-Year Unit Reports are due to the District Chairman by November 15, 2016.

>Year-End Unit Reports are due to District Chairman by March 15, 2017.


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