The Department President, Claudia Satterlee, has been a member of the American Legion Auxiliary for 45 years. Her home Unit is Winfield Unit #10. President Satterlee gained her elibibility for the Auxiliary through her brother who served during the Vietnam Conflict.

The Deparment of Kansas theme for this year is "Working in Peace and Harmony for our Veterans."

President Satterlee's project is raising money for the Kansas Disaster Fund.

The 2016-2017 Department Executive Committee approved a 50/50 Drawing to raise money. Pam King will be selling tickets for $1.00 each.

There will be three (3) drawings held:

1) Fall Conference (tickets were sold at Bootcamp, Department Homecoming, and Fall Conference);

2) Mid Winter Forum; and

3) Department Convention.

There will be different colored tickets for each drawing to prevent confusion regarding which drawing is being held.

The following is how the proceeds for each drawing will be split: 1) the first half of the funds goes to Department, and 2) the second half of the funds will be divided between three (3) people, as follows:

1) First name drawn receives 25% of the 50%;

2) Second name drawn receives 15% of the 50%; and

3) Third name drawn receives 10% of the 50%.

The winners will receive their monies in form of a check from The Department of Kansas shortly after each of the drawing dates.

District One Denise Farmer turtlechasers@hotmail.com Click:Go to District Page
District Two Linda Prothe lprothe@yahoo.com Click:Go to District Page
District Three Cathy Muller cathymuller45@yahoo.com Click:Go to District Page
District Four Kay Busby kbusby4343@gmail.com Click:Go to District Page
District Five Linda Wilson linda681117@yahoo.com Click:Go to District Page
District Six Nancy Evans nancylevans47@gmail.com Click:Go to District Page
District Seven Norma Titsworth leopardladyjt@yahoo.com Click:Go to District Page
District Eight Paula Sellens werchaps@cox.net Click:Go to District Page



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