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The Auxiliary's Membership program conducts ongoing recruiting to ensure the future growth and prosperity of the organization.  Unit members work diligently to publicize and promote the benefits objectives and activities of the Auxiliary and seek out those eligible women who might be interested in membership and active involvement in Unit activities.  Units, Departments and divisions vie in friendly competition against one another as they work toward reaching their individual and organizational membership goals.

Senior Membership

Senior membership is offered to anyone over the age of 18 who is an immediate family member of an American Legion member or a deceased veteran.

As the world's largest women's patriotic organization, the American Legion Auxiliary sponsors volunteer programs on the national and local levels, focusing on three major areas: veterans, young people and the community.  Through your volunteerism in various programs and services involving veterans and communities, you can become a strong leader in your community, have the chance to educate children and advance the programs of the American Legion Auxiliary.

Volunteering along side women of all ages and different life experiences, by giving of your time and heart to the Auxiliary programs, you will have memories and develop life-long friendships.  Your knowledge will give you the ability to mentor younger members as they learn life experiences and also as an adult member.  The services provided by the American Legion Auxiliary directly and indirectly touch the lives of all Americans.

If you love your country and have a patriotic heart and want to learn more about the Auxiliary programs as well as other worthwhile charities, please see the "Membership Applications and Information" box below for more information.

All applications should be taken to your local Unit for processing, or contact the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Kansas at 785-232-1396 for transmittal information if you do not have an American Legion Auxiliary unit in your area.

Auxiliary Adult Activities and Programs

Adult members can participate in a wide variety of activities and programs within the American Legion Auxiliary while offering tangible benefits, professional development and opportunities to impact the lives of others

Americanism Leadership
  • Participate in parades and patriotic activities.

  • Promote patriotism throughout our nation

  • Support our military troops

  • Blue Star Service Banner

  • Flag etiquette and awareness

  • Creative opportunities to expand leadership skills

  • Learn protocol and the art of communication

  • Travel to other cities or states for District, Department (State) and National Meetings

Community Service Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation
  • "Operation Welcome Troops Home:

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Domestic Violence Centers

  • Senior Citizens Centers

  • Adopt-a-Highway

  • Recycling

  • Help raise awareness for homeless veterans

  • Enhance the continuum of care provided by VA hospitals and medical centers

  • Work with the Veterans History project

Poppy Legislative
  • Learn history of the poppy and its significance to the Legion Family and our veterans

  • Help veterans make poppies

  • Distribute poppies at Memorial Day and/or Veterans Day celebrations

  • Support for veterans programs

  • Citizens Flag Alliance

  • Grassroots Lobbying


Children and Youth Education
  • Substance Abuse Prevention

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Family Support

  • Child Safety Immunization

  • Children's Miracle Network


  • Literacy Programs

  • Scholarships and Grants

  • American Education Week

  • Veterans in the Classroom


National Security Auxiliary Emergency Fund
  • Support for military

  • Disaster Prevention and Relief

  • Homeland Security

  • USO

  • Helping fellow members who have been hit by tremendous hardship

  • A philosophy of women helping women


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