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Program Information:

Auxiliary members are encouraged to get involved and stay informed on local and national issues of special interest to the organization.  They keep in close contact with their legislative representatives about issues which concern veterans, young people, and entire communities.  Auxiliary members know there is strength in numbers.  Many beneficial laws have been passed because of Legion and Auxiliary support.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of troops are fighting for our freedom across the globe.  At the Auxiliary, we never stop thinking about what they face while deployed and what they will need when they return home.  As advocates for our veterans, we encourage our members to contact their elected officials by phone, email or letter to implore them to keep the needs and sacrifices of our troops and their families front and center as they go about their legislative work on behalf of their constituents - that's all of us!

The American Legion Auxiliary supports the legislative priorities adopted by The American Legion.  the American Legion's Legislative Division in Washington D.C. keeps abreast of current legislation relating to veterans' benefits, national security, and children and youth.  Auxiliary members are encouraged to subscribe to The Dispatch, published by The American Legion to keep The Legion Family aware of legislative issues and the official positions of The American Legion on those issues.

See  www.alaforveterans.org/Programs/Legislative for more details.

Get Ready for Action!

If you would like to become more informed on the legislative priorities of The American Legion Auxiliary, click on the below link to be directed to the national website for The American Legion.  Be sure to sign up for legislative alerts and become an advocate for veterans and their families through the Legislative program.

Click to get more involved -> http://capwiz.com/legion/home/


Purpose Statement:

To develop leaders at all levels, grows membership and mentors of all ages. To provide information and assistance to American Legion Auxiliary members to advocate for the legislative agenda of The American Legion.


Committee Deadlines:

>Mid-Year Unit Reports are due to the District Chairman by November 15, 2016.

>Year-End Unit Reports are due to District Chairman by March 15, 2017.


Kansas Program Action Plan Unit Mid-Year and End-Year Report Form
Legislative Advocacy Guide Legislative Agenda: Take Home Tips



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