Making a difference in the lives of those we serve continues to be a guiding principle for the women who have represented the Department of Kansas as Department President.  From small projects at the local unit level to those of grander scale at the department level, many women who have served in the department's highest leadership role continue to give back for God and Country and in support to our nation's veterans.

In the photo below, Geraldine Hobble, Elsie Hemphill and Vera Boyce join Kansas' first Department President Winifred Calihan (center lavender coat)

A photo taken at Department Convention 1990 includes many Past Department Presidents and national guests. Past Department President Jan Cook presided as she was joined by many friends and fellow leaders including Kansas' last National President Dora Seymour (seated second from right).

Standing Back Row (l-r): Florence Batten, Dorothy Malone, Val Jean Depew, Nellie Birk, Leita Broockerd, Geraldine Hobble, Marguerite Rice, Elsie Hemphill, Carolyn Bailey

Standing Middle Row (l-r): Elaine Smith, Helena Stonebraker, Becky Wasson, Yetta Irwin, Virginia Lane, Mary Plank

Seated (l-r): Opal Jean Gaines, Betty Jones, Jan Cook, Opal Naumann, Dora Seymour, Irene Lofton (Central Division National Vice President from Illinois)

Fall Conference 2006 found then Department President Gwen Trost presiding over a very successful event held in McPherson.

Standing (l-r): Imogene Hummel, Gwen Trost, Leita Broockerd, Dorothy Malone, Elsie Hemphill, Carolyn Bailey and Ann Lutjen

Seated (l-r): Betty Jones, Beulah Shafer and Norma Swanson

It was a special day when the Department of Kansas celebrated the 100th birthday of Past Department President Yetta Irwin.  2009-2010 Department President Sharon Spiker rallied the team to come together to honor Yetta on her special day.  Combined with the Department's Fall Conference in McPherson, everyone enjoyed a fun weekend filled with fellowship, memories and special moments.

Standing (l-r): Ann Lutjen, Myrna Rogers, Leita Broockerd, LaVeta Miller, Dorothy Malone Sharon Spiker

Seated (center): Yetta Irwin



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