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Jeanne Haas

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Department President Jeanne Haas has been a member of Phillips Stuckey Shaffer Unit #296 in Gridley since 1955.  Jeanne gained her eligibility through her father, Edward Crane, who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.  Her late husband, Gary, served in the Air Force during the Vietnam Conflict.


Using the theme "Hand in Hand, Together We Stand, Keeping the Promises," the members of the Department of Kansas, American Legion Family pledge to work together to promote the programs of patriotism, Veteran's care, Americanism, and our future.  Department President Jeanne has chosen the Junior Patriot Booklets on Americanism, Veterans Affairs, and Poppy as a way to increase information, and show visibility while educating the youth of the state as her President's Project.  The RED Letter Campaign highlights existing funds that members can contribute to for the programs of the American Legion Auxiliary.  Creating a strong, visible American Legion Family is a goal for this leadership year, with American Legion Family shirts available for purchase to wear as members of this organization volunteer in their communities and across our state.  Working towards meeting the five goals of the Kansas Strategic Plan is the focus of the 2015-2016 year in the Department of Kansas.



These booklets, geared to 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, provide learning while participating in fun activities.  The stories highlight the programs of Americanism, Poppy, and Veterans Affairs.  Follow this link for ordering information.



The existing funds dedicated to the Kansas Emergency Fund, the Building/Memorial Fund, the Kansas Scholarship Fund, the Tech Fund, and the VA Arts and Craft Fund, along with the Kansas VA Creative Arts Fund, sometimes are forgotten by Units were working on donations for the year.  Each of these Kansas American Legion Auxiliary programs exist by the donation of members.  This campaign brings the need of these programs to the minds of all members.  Follow this link for more information.



This shirt logo can be purchased on a T-shirt, Polo, or Polo with a pocket.  Follow this link for ordering information.


District Presidents:

First District Denise Farmer turtlechasers@hotmail.com
Second District Dianna McElroy dianna.mcelroy1@gmail.com
Third District Cathy Muller cathymuller45@yahoo.com
Fourth District Kay Busby kbusby@wildblue.net
Fifth District Melissa Burton melissa.burton324@gmail.com
Sixth District Nancy Evans mclevans@cox.net
Seventh District Norma Titsworth leopardladynjt@yahoo.com
Eighth District Paula Sellens werchaps@cox.net