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Program Information:

The Technology Committee is a Kansas special committee that handles the Department's web page, social media, video recording of meetings, and other technology for the benefit of the American Legion Auxiliary. This committee was introduced to the membership during the 2015-2016 Administration of Jeannie Haas. Units do not need to submit mid-term or year-end reports for this committee. There are no links to the National American Legion Auxiliary on technological issues at this time.


The members of the Kansas Auxiliary can keep up with the enire American Legion Auxiliary in one place!Pages that Kansas members have an interest in are linked to this page-- National pages, Kansas Unit pages, special people/groups in Kansas, and various government pages.  You can find a list of liked pages by looking at "Pages Liked by this page" on the left side of the Facebook page.  Don't forget to keep up to date on the latest events and information happening in Kansas here.  Any member can directly post pictures and comments to this Facebook page, but be duly advised that all posts are monitored. Those posts that 1) violate the goals and aims of the American Legion Auxiliary, 2) political in nature, 3) violate social norms, etc.  will be deleted.

Every Unit that has a Facebook page, must provide the Department of Kansas access to its Facebook page.  Units have been directly asked to provide log-in and password information for this purpose.  Many members have expressed a concern about providing personal information in order to give this access.  MORE INFORMATION ON THIS WILL BE PROVIDED AT A LATER DATE.

Click the Facebook box below to view Department of Kansas page.     


Sunflowerette Newsletter

Cara Mays is the editor of the Sunflowerette Newsletter. This is a montly publication that is e-mailed to Kansas members that request it from Department Headquarters. You may also receive the newsletter by regular U.S. Mail, by filling out the request form and following the directions on the form. This form is on the Sunflowerette Newsletter page. If you would like to submit an article in the newsletter, contact Cara for more information. Click here for the Sunflowerette Newsletter page>

Web Site

You are currently viewing the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Kansas website. The website is constantly being updated with new and exciting information for the benefit of the Kansas membership. Yearly, all new program information is updated after Department Fall Conference usually by the end of September at the latest. If you would like to comment or suggest ideas for the website, please do so!


The most recent technological development is the Department of Kansas YouTube Channel. Click the YouTube box below to view Department of Kansas YouTube Channel.

The 2016 Department of Kansas State Convention was recorded, and uploaded to the channel. This year, so far, the July 2016 Bootcamp was recorded, and uploaded to the channel. ALL DEPARTMENT CONFERENCES/MEETINGS WILL BE RECORDED AND UPLOADED TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL. You may also find links to the videos, as follows: 1) Home page Quick Start Menu listing "Department Videos", 2) Home page YouTube links, and/or 3) Membership Resources page, link to "Department Videos."


All comments and ideas for advancements in technology are welcome!


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